3 Ways For Tradies To Advertise on a Small Budget

Marketing tips for local tradies

As a local tradie, you may only have a limited marketing budget. This means you need to think more carefully about how to get the best return on your investment and know where to put your marketing efforts.

Here are some quick and easy steps to market your business on a budget.

Tradie Marketing on a Budget


  1. Only market to your target customer


As a tradie, it may be easy to think that “every single” home-owner is a potential customer- it’s not! So remember that when marketing. This will save you wasting money on unnecessary ads and promotions to the wrong people.

It’s important to define and narrow down your ideal customer:

  • Do they live in certain areas or even streets?
  • Are they mainly males or females?
  • Are they of a particular income bracket?
  • Are they new home-owners, ready to sell the house, real estate agents, other tradies?
  • Are they friends and family of existing customers?

The more you know your ideal customer, the better you can target them, know where to find them and speak to them through the right mediums.

  1. Timing is everything

You may be advertising your business all year round online or through local flyers which is fine, but there may also be opportunities to get a better return on investment based on what your offer and when you offer it:

The following may be worth thinking about:

  • seasonal offers
  • XMAS or New Years specials
  • First-time customer offers
  • Are your services needed more in particular months of the year where perhaps you should do more local advertising than other months?

Spend time studying consumer or client patterns including previous years activities. See what the trends are and how they can be relevant to your current year’s campaigns.

  1. Smart branding

Little details make a big difference when marketing. Pay careful attention to the quality of all the marketing material you put out. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Can your customers distinguish your company by the logo?
  • Can they identify what you do through your name?
  • Can they recognise your motto?
  • Are your pictures drawing enough positive attention?
  • Is it clear exactly what your offer and how it’s better than other competitors?

Even on a small budget, it may be worthwhile investing in professional support with your ads and messages so it’s absolutely done right from the start. This will save you time and money from reworking it in future.

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