Get Your Tradie Business On Google Local Maps

Why Get Your Business Onto Google Maps

Want a fast way to get your trade business noticed in your local area on Google, and without spending a cent?

It’s claiming your business listing on Google Local Maps!

Being part of the Google community and listing your business under Google My Business not only gets you in front of local customers but it also has SEO benefits. This is because Google will most likely display your business in local search results.

If you’re an established trade business already then Google will likely have you on their list but for new businesses and new locations, then it is imperative that you check that your business is listed.

Get Your Trade Business Exposure on Google Local

Here is a step-by-step guide on adding your business to Google Maps:

  1. Go to Google My Business. Click “Get on Google.”
  1. Input your business name and address in the Search Box.
  1. Select or Add your Business. You should check to see if your business appears on any of the listed suggested results. If not then choose “Add your Business” then provide the necessary details.

It is best to decide on how you want your business Name-Address-Phone Number (NAP) to appear across the internet. Remember that consistency is crucial.

Always remember that Google prefers more specific and accurate answers. It will be able to classify and display your business if you provide the right information.

Remember that category selection is also important. Make sure that it matches what you offer. Google will categorise your business and the type of search query it will match your listing with.

There should be preset Categories or keywords provided for different industries.

  1. Next, make sure that Google verified your business. It will confirm your business location which requires around 1-2 weeks for a postcard with verification PIN.
  2. Lastly, confirm your business. Then you are all set!
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