Sydney Bathroom Renovation: Q&A

Bathroom Renovations Tips

A bathroom renovation is one of the most complex renovations to manage. It requires good research, asking the right questions and engaging the right professionals.

Here are some frequently asked questions about bathroom renovations to help you make the right decisions.

Commonly asked questions: Bathroom renovations

  • What are the risks with a bathroom renovation?

The biggest risk with a bathroom renovation is doing it yourself or engaging inexperienced tradespeople.

Always seek to engage a specialist builder or bathroom renovator. Make sure they have a speciality with bathroom renovations.  

Other risks include improper installation of fixtures and fittings, cost blow-outs and poor waterproofing which can cause long-term problems or mean re-doing your bathroom.

  • What are the benefits of working with a bathroom renovator?

Hiring a bathroom renovator can help reduce the risks and costs associated with your project.

These experts have the technical know-how, industry expertise, and years of experience to complete a quality job on time and budget. Further they will usually provide a warranty over the work, meaning if an issue arises they can return to fix it.

  • What trades are involved in a bathroom renovation?

There are many trades involved in a bathroom renovation, but it still depends on the extent of the project.

Some common tradies you may need during the process include:

  • waterproofer, tiler, and carpenter
  • cabinet maker for shelves and vanities
  • electrician- if you are installing new lights
  • a plumber – taps, sinks and plumbing configurations
  • How much should I budget?

It will very much depend on how far you take your bathroom renovation and the quality of fixture and fittings that you select.

A small bathroom renovation can cost between $9,000 to $15,000. A larger and more higher quality bathroom renovation can be in excess of $20,000.

A “showroom” bathroom will usually cost a lot more then engaging a private bathroom renovator.

There may be ways to cut down on the cost of your renovation e.g. not changing the plumbing and electrical configurations.

Always obtain a quote and ask for a list of inclusions and exclusions.

  • How long does it take?

Allow around 2-3 weeks for the renovation process.

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