Renovation Activities to Flourish in 2017

Home Renovations on the Rise

Looking to renovate? You’re not the only one keen on doing so as more than a quarter of Australians are looking to upgrade their home or investment properties for 2017.

We look at the trends expected in the coming year and how it may affect your renovation efforts.

Professionals and tradies in the work renovation trade sector are in for a busy year in 2017 as work and business opportunities are expected to rise.

According to a recent survey with reports from Your Mortgage, around 26% of Australian property owners are planning on renovations for the next year.

And with more people renovating, it obviously means plenty of opportunities for our Aussie tradies like carpenters, builders, painters and plumbers among others.

Homeowners today are also very experimental and open to changing their surroundings for renovation opportunities are skyrocketing with plenty of work around for tradies.

Likewise, popular television programs like Selling Houses Australia, The Block and House Rules have also been igniting the interest over renovations. Many homeowners have been prompted to look into renovations thanks to the promotional value of the shows.

More than just transforming their spaces, the reignited interest over renovations have also been bringing monetary rewards to Australians. Thank to the continuing surge of the property market and low interest rates, homeowners can now sell their properties at a higher price following renovation.

Whether you are looking for tradies or professionals to help you with your home renovations, Tradebusters has the right tried and tested tradespeople to help you with your project.

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