Social Media To-Do List for Tradies

Social media success for tradies

All tradesmen know that aside from word-of-mouth advertising, the best way for them to reach as many customers as possible is through online marketing.

Yet many tradies focus far too much of their time and efforts on their website. They forget that thousands of their customers are interacting on social media every single day.

This makes social media a valuable place to be for any trade business to build their brand.

Below are some points to prioritise if you are considering social media for your business.

4 tips for tradie social media success


  1. Be regular with your social media interaction


The more regular you are with your posts, the more reach you will have, and, top of customer mind you will be.

Keep interaction high by taking the time to thank your followers and respond to any comments left.

  1.  Special tradie offers

Social media is a great platform to communicate your special deals and offers. Maybe it’s a new year’s offer or a small discount on a second job.

Offers are a great way to improve your online presence and increase user engagement.

  1. Measure results

It’s important to stay on top of any social media campaign you run, especially if they are paid campaigns.

You should assess what is working, and how effective is for either gaining new clients, or building your brand.

Depending on your goals and spend, social media monitoring should happen weekly or monthly.

  1. Competitor monitoring

Your competitors are also on social media, so knowing how well you’re performing compared to them is always insightful.

And with any luck, you are doing a far better job than them!

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