Working on your online tradie content strategy

As with every marketing advice that you will find online, most will tell you that content is king. Even with the role of social media, content drives everything in marketing. Small businesses looking to promote better can do well in investing and organising their content marketing strategy.

Here are some do’s and don’ts to remember.

Know your target market

You cannot sell your services to all. Many successful businesses will tell you that the trick to achieving long-term growth is to know who to sell to. If you know your market then you will know what content to create.

Karen Webber, marketing director at content marketing agency Axonn Media told The Guardian: “My top tip would be to not expect the same content to engage people in each territory.”

Sammy Todd, marketing manager at the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) also added: “Talking about things that matter to each of your target markets is key. But this doesn’t always mean creating new content from scratch each time – just knowing what local angle to exploit.”

Your content should promote a universal brand message while also remaining sensitive to cultural differences.  If you want to know more about your target audience, you can get great insights from social media. Most likely, you will also need to deliver your message through such platforms so it is best to get acquainted with them now.

Explore niches and communicate to them

Although there will most likely be a business already offering your services, you can always explore niches. There will be areas that are not as heavily “exploited” by your competitors so it should be good to start from there.

For example if you are a builder, instead of communicating you do “all building works” maybe you can promote a niche in where your real expertise lies e.g. is it building decks, new homes or second level additions.

If you are a bookkeeper, perhaps your niche is a certain industry group like tradies or providing cloud based solutions.

Once your identify your niche, you can build your entire content marketing strategy around promoting your business to that target audience, and attracting exactly the kind of customer you want.

Establish trust

All businesses thrive on customer trust and great content is a way to establish this.

Your content marketing strategy should aim to position you as a trusted industry expert. By doing so, you will become the go-to business for your target market to help solve their problems. If you can deliver credible information and authentic personality behind it, then your content marketing will help you achieve the ultimate objective- more business to quality customers that value you.

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