How Tradies Can Use Discounts to Win Customers

Attract Customers Through Discounts

What motivates customers when deciding to engage a business or local service provider?

There’s this saying that consumers do not just act on a logical basis rather they are also motivated by their emotions.

One of the best ways to motivate your customers emotionally is through offering discounts and special offers.

Here are a few ways you can apply this with your trade services business.

How tradies can use discounts

Let’s face it, most customers want to feel like they got a good deal. Discounts often have a positive impact for this reason. This explains heavily why a lot of people are always on the lookout for coupons, discounts and other types of promotions.

Whilst price alone should never be the key deciding factor especially when selecting tradesmen, there are also ways to use discounts effectively to simply entice customers and get them over the line.

For instance, you consider the following:

  • waiving the call-out fee for plumbing and electrical jobs especially for new customers
  • Providing extra services when out on an existing jobs- e.g. checking smoke alarms with every electrical service
  • Rewarding referrals with a discount or gift card
  • Providing upgraded finishes on renovation jobs at no extra cost
  • Providing a free interior design consultation service for major building projects

Be careful with using discounts

While discounts can attract customers and help build loyalty, they need to be offered with context. Perhaps it can be a seasonal offer or first- time customer offer.

A discount does not need to be permanent. There may also be a difference based on the audience of:

  • new customers offers
  • repeat customers offers
  • referrals

With offers, its always important to remember to specify any special terms and conditions of use as well as any applicable time period restrictions.

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