5 Ways to Promote Your Tradie Business on The Job

Expose your Business Daily

Advertising for your business does not stop even when you’re on the job.

There are simple things you can do to expose your business every single day when you are at a client. Here are our top 5:

  1. Drop off magnets in streets you are working in

This little gesture can get you the much needed attention. You also do not bother anyone since you can drop them into mailboxes at lunch and in between breaks.

  1. Introduce yourself to the neighbours

There’s no harm in letting the people around the neighborhood know that you’re the one working on the project nearby. This actually gives people a closer look at what you can do. Consider it as a job interview for future prospects.

You get to scout potential clients because they are literally sitting just right next door.

  1. Put your signage outside the house

People around the neighborhood will likely notice that there’s a project going on in a house, why not tell them what’s going on and who’s working on it?

They might check out the place out of curiosity or out of similar necessity. Let them know you are ready for future work and can even meet them for a chat.

  1. Larger Projects: Have an open home to show-off your work

What best way to show other prospective clients than a nicely completed project? Ask your customer if it’s okay to open his or her home to showcase the large project at hand to their family, friends and neighbours.

Nothing beats self promotion than letting people see what you are capable of doing.

  1.  Drop off before and after pictures in mailboxes with your details

A nice brochure won’t be a nuisance to your customer’s next door neighbors so it’s a good marketing strategy. Simply drop off your project’s before and after presentation to let people know how you can work.

It’s likely that you will have some amount of credibility already since a local neighbour hired you in the first place. It’s a good stepping stone and opportunity.

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