Cost of Renovating Skyrockets in Australia: Here’s How You Can Save

How to Save on Your Home Renovations

Australian home renovation costs are skyrocketing but these do not need to affect you. While a new report from Daily Mail claims that renovating costs increased by as much as 14%, you and your trades professionals can still work out a way to complete your project within budget.

3 Ways To Not Let Your Renovation Costs Blow-Out

  1. Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations

There is a way to cut the cost of your kitchen or bathroom renovations: refreshing existing furnishings. Some appliances or fixtures can be refurbished instead of replaced.

A good interior designer can come up with ideas to restore the pieces to fit the new look of your new home without stretching the budget.

Perhaps your old cabinets can be brought to life by a new paint job? If your storage units are still structurally fine then a laminate paint can give it a new look.

If you really need to replace your cabinets, ask your cabinet maker for flatpack cabinetries that you can buy and they simply install.

  1. Shop and save on  materials

Sourcing out materials directly from warehouses instead of retail stores will cut the costs of fixtures significantly.

Buy appliances in bulk or package deal. This works best if you need to overhaul an entire room like the kitchen or bathroom. Do the same for cabinets and other fixtures. Best if you make a list first of the things you need to replace or improve in your home and see if you can find them in package deals.

  1. Check your tradesmen quotes

Whilst you want to save on your renovation, looking for the cheapest tradies could end up being the most expensive option especially if they let you down and need to redo the job – the stress simply isn’t worth it.

It’s always safe to source tradies from reputable sources and from service providers that can tell you about their history, track record and price range. That way you won’t run the risk of being left disappointed and at the same time know you are not overpaying for services.  

Find Local Tradie Right Here!

If you are looking for local tradies like builder, painters, kitchen and bathroom renovators, or other trades for your home renovations, why not give our team a call and find out about the recommended local trades in our trusted network.

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