Small Bathroom Home Design Ideas

Making the Most Out of Your Bathroom Space

Small bathrooms appear challenging to take on. Nonetheless, regardless of how limited the bathroom space you have, you can still make it functional and stylish. All it takes is to understand some space-saver and design principles that go hand in hand. Here’s a quick guide we have come up with in designing small bathrooms.

  1. Storage for your small bathroom renovation

Refrain from adding large furniture storage. Instead, go for open shelving. You can also show your textured and colorful towels with open shelving. Other storage options you may have include floating shelves and storage ladders. They can add personality to your bathroom while doubling racks. Put in some sink skirts for flare. They can hide away your cleaning products without sacrificing design. For a more edgy look, stack some wooden crates for accessible storage. You can also drill them into the wall if you feel they will impede access. These simple storage additions can help save space without sacrificing style.

  1. Always think functionality with a small bathroom

Functionality is a priority for every home design much more if your space is limited. Small rooms are susceptible to unwanted clutter so adding design elements that are also functional will help ease this. Avoid adding objects or other knick-knacks just for the sake of design. Minimise your counter space. Display a limited number of personal products. If you want, you can place stackable baskets above your dryer or under your cabinets. Talk to your builder or bathroom renovation specialist about working your counter and storage space.

  1. Color Palette

Colour can have as much impact to your limited bathroom space. Neutral colours will help your bathroom look more appealing as it encourages a sense of calm. Go for a neutral colour palette as your bathroom’s base theme. If possible, inject some patterns and textures in neutral tone as well to create depth and creativity. Colour white is often associated with cleanliness thus it can be a top candidate. Talk to your painter about possible neutral options.

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