5 Modern Sydney Home Design Ideas

Transform Your Home With a Modern Appeal

Your home’s design ultimately decides the type of living experience you will get. Designing entails careful thought and consideration to ensure you make the most out of your property. If you are thinking of adopting a more modern look and function to your home, then here’s a quick run through on top things to consider.

Design Itself

Ask any home interior designer and they will tell you that modern houses focus on functionality beyond aesthetics. The design centers on technology and minimalism. Most modern houses rely and thrive on technology incorporated in different parts of the property. You can add a touch of glass, steel or concrete but the overall effect should be streamlined and smooth.


This goes hand in hand with the design. As mentioned, modern houses emphasize function. Think of what you need before deciding on your home’s look. You can consult an experienced builder to see how you can fit in the functions and utilities you need to the overall design. The best way to maximise your property and space is to think of all the possible ways you can use or need it.


Most painters will tell you that modern house designing focuses on the neutrals plus bright bold accents. Make sure you choose colors that balance and complement each other. Modern decorating usually do not use pastel colors. Some modern color palette combinations you can try include: silver, white, black and cherry red; brown, cream and orange; charcoal, white, slate and cobalt blue among others.


Most modern house structures feature lights with almost translucent look. Consult an electrician on how you can incorporate spotlights, wall lamps, up lights, pin lights with dimmers in your house. They are often the standard fixtures.

Patterns and Textures

Modern design deals with clean lines. Ideals include abstracts, geometric patterns, stripes and solids. Animal prints on rugs can also work plus other decorative accessories. Avoid ruffles and laces.

Finding the Right Tradesmen in Sydney and Australia wide

Understanding how these elements fit together will help you plan out how your house will look. If you are looking for qualified trades professionals to help you with your home construction or renovation needs, Tradebusters have a network of tried and tested tradies ready to help you today. Contact our team  and tell us about your job today.


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