How To Find And Choose the Right Interior Designer

Creating the Space of Your Dreams

A  great interior designer can transform the look, feel and value of your home. Whether you want timeless or trendy or cosy or modern, the secret is to find an interior designer that “gets you” and can be part of the journey of turning your vision into reality.

So how you do find a great interior designer and what questions should you ask?

Check out our latest tips!

Finding a Interior Designer For Your Next Project

  1. Pick an Interior Designer with Great Connections

Create a pool of interior decorators to choose from. Consider their years in business and their style of work.

An interior designer with great building and trade connections can be valuable to you in knowing where you can source items and also for tapping into other tradies.

  1. Plan and discuss your renovation budget

Some designers can be extremely pricey so you need to find someone within your budget. The right designer will be able to help you through different stages and price each one accordingly.

Always discuss budget with your interior designer from the start so you can decide on how involved they will be in the renovation process.

It is not just the time and cost of the interior designer that you need to consider. It will also be understanding the budget of the fixtures and fittings they have in mind for you.

  1. Prioritise your preferences

A good designer will incorporate what you want in your home. Be careful about selecting the right professional because it might be too late to figure out that your designer has taken control over the design of your home – much to their preferences instead of yours!

A good interior design will take the time to flush out YOUR style and preferences and help create a space and feel that works for you. A “not- so-good-one” will only design something based on their own preferences, which may be completely different to what you had in mind.

Always view the portfolio of the interior designer and see if they have the ability to change styles and feel based on their different customers’ desires..

Other things to look out for include:

  • Certifications and education, as not every interior design is fully qualified
  • Client references
  • Work portfolio

Find Interior Designers and Local Tradesmen for your Home

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