Tradie Leads From Facebook

How To Get Tradie Leads From Facebook

Ready to boost your business with Facebook advertising?

Facebook is one of the most powerful social media platforms around.

And it seems that smart savvy tradies are beginning to discover this. In the last two years, we’ve noticed more and more Aussie tradies are tapping into Facebook advertising to reach local customers and generate new leads.

Maybe it’s something you also have been thinking about?

Here are some tips to consider in order to make your Facebook advertising more effective.

1. Use high quality images

People are visual! Regardless of your ad offer, most people will be drawn to your ads when they contain stand out images.

If you’re a builder, why not get high quality photos of your work to use in the ad?

People want to see what you can do and tradies can show it best through photos of their work. You can consider a range of before and after images of your projects, or pictures of you with happy customers. Even better, maybe consider a video ad?

2. Use an attention grabbing headline

To create a good headline, you need to know your audience.

It should also encourage the person to click on your ad.

This means, really knowing what your target audience is looking for.

For example, do they like discounts and freebies? Maybe include the words “free” or “special offer” to really grab attention.

Or, are they just locals wanting to find a trusted local business like yours, in which case you can simply promote “your local presence” and the areas you service.

If you’re a plumber or electrician, why not consider making a special introductory offer?

3. Use good colour and detail

It is best not to use the blue and white colour scheme because Facebook is already using them. Your post might just blend into the entire system.

Use eye-catching colors, hues that will stand out from Facebook’s backdrop.

Consider aligning your colours with your brand and logos.

4. Get expert help with your Facebook campaign

Not every Facebook ad converts or generates leads. In fact, if you don’t know what you are doing it can get very expensive, and produce little to no results. Not to mention, it can be extremely time-consuming.

That’s why it may make sense to tap into the right experts to save yourself time and money.

For example, you can look into Tradebusters Connect who offer tradies social media packages including Facebook as part of their Top 3 Local Business Pick membership.

Need Help In Growing Your Trade Business?

Contact us at Tradebusters for a FREE Tradie Help Consultation. We have specialist solutions for trades including Website Design, Local Area Lead Generation Strategies, Social Media and Marketing Support, Business Coaching and more. Contact us today.

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