Top 2016 Small Business Marketing Priorities

Got An Online Marketing Strategy?

In an age where consumers are heading straight to their smartphone to research service providers, it’s no surprise that being found online should be a top priority for any small business owner.

This is where online marketing strategies comes in and should be part of your 2016 planning list. Check out our tips to help you get started.

Claim a Local Directory Listing

Contrary to popular belief, a website is not the first place where consumers find you online. Local directory listings are really powerful as they have already done the groundwork to reach your target audience and have a greater likelihood of showing up on the top spots in Google search results.  If you want good local exposure then finding the right local listing directory to be part of can help you achieve that very quickly.

It is really important to ensure the quality of directory is a good match to your target audience.  Some local directories promote online price-competition whilst other more exclusive directories like Tradebusters Connect promote good reputation first, helping you target a higher quality customer base.

Other quick ways to get local exposure include Google+ Local and Bing Local.

Get Your Website Converting

Nowadays, people turn to websites to know more about your business. So it’s really important to make the right “first impression” with your website by communicating your services, years in business and explaining how you look after your customers. Just remember, that consumers are generally exposed to hundreds and hundreds of other websites of similar businesses like yours so you don’t want to be overlooked by being “ordinary”. Think of your content and key messages thoroughly. Be brief, concise and most importantly, explain your point of difference.

In addition, avoid complex websites with too many elements. Strive for simple and informational.

Consider Paid Advertising

Depending on your services, paid per click advertising can help drive traffic to your website. To start, you can use Google Adwords, which is one of the most popular. The extent depends on how much you are willing to spend. You can do it yourself or hire an Adwords consultant. Pay-per-click advertising can be effective for building brand awareness for your business.

Other things you should prioritise include Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and content strategy. Developing a long-term content strategy, will ensure you stay relevant, and can improve your organic ranking results so that you become less reliant on pay-per-click advertising.

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