Insurance For Tradies – The Hidden Cost Of Under-Insurance

Tradies be aware of the hidden cost of under-insurance

When it comes to the immediate cost of premiums, it can be tempting for tradies to under-insure or even choose not to insure at all as a way to save money.  This may save some money initially but in the long run can cost you serious money because you may be leaving yourself open to significant costs.  It’s also important to remember that your insurance premiums can impact on the price of insurance premiums in general. Read more

Printing Companies Sydney – Your Unique Brand

Printing Companies Sydney: Design Services

Professional tradies have an idea of what they want their brand to represent and reflect. Part of branding your business is in the design elements of your brand, logo, and promotional materials. Professional designers work for printing companies Sydney. They use your concept and bring it to life. Read more

Financial Planning for Tradies – It’s Not a Singular Concept

Financial Planning for Tradies: Thinking beyond today

It’s normal for tradies to think about the present only. However, as long as this world continues on you must have a plan of action for yourself, your business, and your family for the future. You don’t have to become consumed with the future, but you do need a financial plan. Financial planning for tradies encompasses a number of concepts and services that can help you today and beyond. Read more

Owner Builder Finance – What You Should Know

Owner builder finance: Unusual situations options 

It’s important for tradesmen, homeowners, and home-buyers to understand that owner builder finance loans come in a variety of versatile options to meet the needs of almost every owner builder. There are some things you should know about these loans and qualifying for owner builder loans. The following will cover these factors. Read more

Tradesmen Tool Insurance – What is covered?

Why insurance for your tradie tools is vital.

For tradies, tool insurance is often one of the most important forms of insurance because of how often they use tools in their day to day work.  If your tools are lost, stolen or damaged, it can be very expensive to have them replaced.  But before you take out your tool insurance, it’s important to know what it covers so you can be sure it suits your situation.
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Electricians: A Guide to Public Liability

The quick guide to public liability insurance for electricians

For electricians, Public Liability Insurance is absolutely essential due to the high risk nature of the work they undertake.  Public Liability Insurance protects you against any damage done to property or another person in the course of your work.  If you work as an electrician and inadvertently cause any damage, you may find yourself in a situation where you’re financially liable.
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Tradies: Secrets To Building An Online Presence

Tradesmen in Sydney  and across Australia have many choices for marketing strategies to boost their online persona. Building an online presence is not just to make your business look more professional for current clients; it also helps build trust with potential clients. When working on your online presence, make sure you invest your time wisely – which is exactly why we recommended that you put together a strategy and timeline in order to produce the best results. Read more

Tradie Insurance

Insurance Do’s and Don’ts for Tradies when Working at Heights

The dos and don’ts for Tradies When Working At Heights

Working at heights remains one of the biggest causes of fatalities and serious injury.  Unfortunately, it’s risky no matter how careful you are but there are certainly steps you can take to avoid injury.  People tend to think that construction workers are the main group that need to worry about heights but the truth is there are numerous tradies that put themselves at risk.

To avoid becoming a statistic, there are some simply steps to follow to ensure that you and your employees stay safe when working at height.
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Insurance for Carpenters

Insurance needed for carpenters and tradies

If you’re a carpenter, there are a few insurance options for you to consider.  Working as a tradie carries some risks and, no matter how careful you are, things can go wrong.  Whether you run your own carpentry business with a number of employees, do regular work as a subcontractor or are self-employed in your own small business, you need to consider having a proper insurance package in place for peace of mind.
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Tradies and Builders- Financial Planning Tips

Financial planning for tradies is extremely important and does not simply cover investments and retirement planning. As a tradesman or builder, when you are looking for a financial planner, look for someone that specialises in financial planning for tradesmen and who can help you with everything from tools of trade insurance and accounting to superannuation and your will. Read more