Turning Customers into Repeat Customers

Every business hopes to turn at least some customers into repeat customers, and the trade business is no different. Even though many tradesmen, such as builders, roofers, cabinet makers, tillers, and others are typically not needed by homeowners on a regular basis, tradies can still generate repeat business with income property owners, schools, hospitals, real estate agents, and other people or companies with multiple properties. Of course, some tradies, such as landscapers, painters, plumbers, and handymen can easily turn a single homeowner into a repeat customer with a little work.

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Improving your Trade Brand and Reputation Factor

There are many different types of general tradesmen such as builders, painters, electricians, plumbers, carpenters, landscapers, and many other various types of tradies all competing for business. However, when you work in one of the general trades like this, you not only have to deal with your own brand and reputation, but the brand and reputation of the entire trade. For example if someone hired a shonky plumber who ended up flooding the basement, they may now feel that all plumbers are unreliable. Of course, this is not the case, and there are good and bad individuals in any trade. But how do you go about improving your trade brand and reputation factor. Read more

Workers Compensation Insurance for Tradies!


I’m Fine… I have Workers Compensation Insurance!

This is something that I hear from tradies a lot. And to be honest, this used to be the case where you were covered travelling to and from work, and of course whilst you were at work.

But did you know that Workers Compensation rules have recently changed? The changes mean that you are no longer covered travelling to and from work, and are only covered whilst you are at work.

It also means that the maximum duration in which you can claim Workers Compensation payments is for 2 years. So what happens if your injury is so bad that you can’t work for more than two years… or worse, can’t go back to work ever?
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