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Trading Terms and Conditions: Services and Documentation

Trading terms and conditions: Clear and concise terms and conditions are important to your business

Your potential clients need to understand what is expected of them when they choose you as their professional tradesman. How do you help them to understand the concept of payment for your services and use of your business website? You hire professionals to help you create your trading terms and conditions documentation. Without clear documentation and information, clients and potential clients can take advantage of you, which will hurt your income as well as your business credibility.

Trading terms and conditions: Staying in the game with effective communications

A big part of staying in the game with your business is being able to keep up with your competitors. When they have clear to understand trading terms and conditions, so should you. Look at their websites. If they have their terms well laid out and easy to read, while yours are less than effective, it’s time to hire help.

Trading terms and conditions: What should you expect from this kind of documentation service?

1)    The correct terms and conditions

  • This factor helps protect you against losing profits and provides restitution from potential liability.
  • Improves your business’ cash flow.
  • Allows for late charges to be enforced.
  • Provides the advantage of the reservation of title of items/goods until they are for where applicable.

2)    Personalised documentation and forms

  • Work authorisation
  • Quotation forms
  • Estimate forms
  • Sales order forms
  • Credit applications
  • Terms and conditions documentation
  • Other custom documentation and forms

3)    How does all this help you?

You get a clear and understandable relationship with your clients as well as protection against profit loss. Your rights to payment will be clearly written and documented so your clients can easily understand what you expect of them for your services. You can collect debts owed to you when clients default.

4)    What can be covered?

  • PPSA (Personal Properties Securities Act) cover.
  • Fair Trading Acts
  • Terms of Trade Subscription
  • Time limit for defects
  • Privacy Act of 1988
  • Recovery of interests, expenses, and costs
  • Competition and Consumer Act
  • Registering security interests
  • Title

Trading terms and conditions: Comprehensive help for your trade

While all these things are not directly part of the trading terms and conditions you will need for your website and business, they are comprehensive services that enhance and protect your business and your client relations. This factor of business is crucial to gaining credibility and retaining your clients.

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