Grow Your Trade Business – Leadership

Hi again this is Anil of Nexus BGS and today I would like to take you through what I call the “4 P’s of Leadership”

Now you’ve probably heard of the “4 P’s of Marketing” which is Product, Placement, Price and Promotion. What I came up with this morning just having a quick discussion with my daughter in the car, a leadership discussion, was the 4P’s of Leadership. I thought if marketing has “4 P’s”, why not leadership – it’s obviously an important topic.


The first “P” that I think is important in terms of leadership is Passion – really being passionate about what you do, really excited about what you do. Obviously if you show that quality and you can share it with other people then you will inspire them and allow them to more easily follow you and be energised by you. Okay, so Passion I think is the first P.


The second “P” that I feel important to leadership is Positive Mindset. People don’t really want to follow people that are negative and that get them down, so if we can project a positive attitude and a positive mindset then that will obviously uplift people, and that’s what they want. People want to follow someone who lifts them up and makes them feel better.


The third “P” that I think is important is being able to Paint the Picture. Some people call it vision but vision starts with “V”, funnily enough. So if you can paint the picture for others and really show them the direction and the future, a brightness of the future, that I think also is a key quality of leadership.


The forth “P” of leadership is Performance. I feel that strong leaders expect a lot of themselves and also from their teams, but it all starts from us. If want other to perform to high standards, whether that is high standards of customer service, high work-ethic, high level of commitment, then we need to lead by example. So, show the way.

I feel that these are the 4 P’s of Leadership. So if you can focus on these I think they will allow you to develop your leadership ability and your leadership effectiveness. I look forward to hearing the results that you get.