Don’t Let Your Home Renovation End with Divorce

How to Avoid Personal Conflicts During Renovations

It happens! A home renovation project can be extremely stressful and take the toil on your relationship. It’s a period where your house gets pulled apart, you are forced out of routine, giving up comforts and personal space for months (potentially), and at the same time dealing with project issues and the financial strain of a renovation.

The last thing you want is a difference of opinion over the paint colour to have you walking out the door!

Here are ways to avoid personal conflict within the household when doing a home renovation and most importantly, making sure your relationship stays intact.

3 Relationship Survival Tips During A Renovation

  1. Understand that communication is important

Make sure you and your spouse/partner agrees on the terms of the renovation before starting. In fact, you need to consult everyone at home before deciding on any renovation. One of the biggest mistakes of homeowners when renovating is assuming that everything or any change will be fine with their partner or housemates.

“We often are very poor at communicating,” explains Relationships Australia’s Sue Yorston in a report from ABC on this subject.

“We often don’t hear what the other person is saying.”

Renovations are consuming so it will likely be at the center of every conversation so long as it is happening.

“You’ve got to have time out from that because it can swamp you,” she said.

“It’s very important to be able to put that down and say, ‘we’re not going to talk about this tonight, we’re going to go out for dinner’.”

  1. Do your homework upfront

Know what you are in for!

You need to do your homework before you start your renovation and understand facts like – how long will it take, will you be living there whilst the renovation is going on, how will it impact your lifestyle and of course – costs!

You also need to have the budget to do the exact type of project you have in mind and not risk running out of money part way through or experiencing financial stress.

By being prepared on all fronts you will feel more in control during the project and have a healthier relationship with those around you.  

  1. Hire the right tradies

Relationship problems occur when things go wrong during a renovation and a major one is selecting bad tradies.

If one partner decides to take a risk by hiring an unlicensed or non-reputable tradie because they are “cheap” and it doesn’t work out e.g. bad quality work or worst, they run off with your deposit, this can completely sour the relationship by blaming the decision maker.

So be aware of this and only use trusted sources to find reputable tradies that you both feel 100% comfortable with.

Remember great tradies can save your relationship by helping make your renovation vision become a beautiful reality.

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Afterall we are all about helping home-owners have stress-free home renovation experiences and saving relationships!

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