Painting the Home: What Your Colours Say

Pick the Right Paint Colour for Your Home

The colour you use on your home can have a profound impact on you and your family’s well-being. Picking the right paint hue can actually bring unimagined benefits.

So what do different colours mean and how can they affect your home?

Colour is universal….

And while it may be nonverbal, all people know is how to speak it instinctively. What you paint on your walls not only affect its aesthetic appeal but also emotions and behaviour of people in the household.

If you want to create a healthy environment in your house then consider the function of each room. Pick a predominant colour.

While studies have yet to offer more evidence, colour consultants and local painters suggest that there are colours that work better for certain activities than others.

Kitchen Paint

If you had great memories of your kitchen when you were young then it’s a good idea to paint your kitchen in the same colour. This will make the place even livelier and close to the heart. If you cannot think of any paint scheme to relate to your memories then you can choose reds and yellows. These hues also go well with the living room.

However, stay off the red if you want to keep off the weight. Colour consultants explain that this colour encourages you to eat more.

Living Room and Foyer Paint

Similar to the kitchen, these areas are best paired with reds, yellows, oranges including earth tones like beige and brown.

Hues like these encourage people to talk more to each other. They make you feel comfortable sitting around and talking.

Bedroom Paint

Since the bedroom is a place for relaxation and stress relief, best go for cool colors like lavenders, greens and blues. These hues have a calming effect and the darker the hue, the stronger the effect is. Stay away from red because this increases heart rate and blood pressure.

Bathroom Paint

Whites and warm colours are popular because they usually project the purity and cleanliness. Remember that bathrooms are not only washrooms but also a place for you to relax so cool colours like blue and green can also work.

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