Flood Warning – 5 Ways To Protect Your Home

Floods Are Costly

Many parts of Australia are exposed to flooding due to heavy rain, especially in recent years. And unfortunately with floods comes the potential risk of costly damage to your property.

As a home-owner, there are steps you can take to help protect your property from major flood damage. Here they are.

5 Flood Preventative Home Maintenance Ideas!

  • Fix Leaking Roofs

Top of the list. A leaking roof can put everything inside your house at risk. Your roof is one of your first lines of defences. Make sure it does not have holes. A roofing expert or experienced builder can help check your roof and fix any open holes and cracks.

  • Check Gutters and Downpipes

Gutters and downpipes ensure that water flows out of the house properly. Overflowed gutters and pipes however can during a flood seep water into your windows and walls causing damage.

Make sure these are not overloaded with leaves and debris and do not have any leaks or damage. Ask your plumber to seep out the water.

If you are surrounded by lots of trees, consider booking in a regular gutter cleaning service especially before the rainy season starts.

  • Check External Spaces

Any damage or leak in your external spaces can also contribute to flooding. See if your patio or deck needs any fixing. Any pipes or drains connected should also be inspected and fixed accordingly. Remember that any flooding in your house will eventually affect those outside.

  • Know Flood Levels and Floodwaters

While you can ensure your house is tough enough to stand up to winds with structural engineering and the works, making it flood-proof is another thing. Once water reaches the floor (around an inch), chances are, there will be damage already. Know the flood level and official measures of flood waters in your area. This will help you modify water valves, adjust home elevation and how to anchor appliances and other equipment.

  • Conduct a Building Inspection

If your home is old and you have experienced water, mould or rain damage in the past, it may be worth getting a thorough building inspection report done to uncover any other undetected issues. The results of the inspection will also tell you whether you need help from other tradies like a handymanelectrician, or roof specialists to fix any identified issues.

Find Builders and Other Tradesmen for your Home

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