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Bathroom Renovations Inner West Sydney. 3 Costly Mistakes

3 Costly mistakes Inner West Sydney bathroom renovations you do not want to make!

A successful Inner West Sydney bathroom renovation will require a solid plan, regardless of the size of the new bathroom, or how extensive the changes. Not having a plan can leave you open to needless expense.

Weeks of noise and dust and unreliable tradies can also leave you frustrated and out of pocket. So that none of the above happens to you, we are here to make you aware of three major mistakes commonly made by homeowners when they plan a bathroom upgrade.
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Home Renovations in Inner West Sydney

Beware the risks when renovating your Inner West Sydney home

Sydney’s inner west suburbs run the full gamut of lifestyle choices. Those who enjoy harbourside living, lovingly restored old-time pubs, picturesque streets, and the world’s best shopping will enjoy all that Balmain has to offer.

Those who like to be close to the hustle and bustle of city life but enjoy an easy escape then Annandale, at just 5 minutes from the CBD, is the perfect location. Leichardt is charming, and a favourite place for lovers of Italian food, excellent coffee, and wine and Newtown is well known for its nightlife, live music, comedy, and theatre. Read more

Top 7 Backyard Improvement Ideas

Looking for a backyard transformation?

Do you want your backyard to feature an unattractive slab of concrete baking in the sun, or would you rather a cool and inviting area promising an afternoon of peace, icy cold drinks, and a cool summer breeze?

Your backyard doesn’t have to be somewhere just for hanging the clothes out. A little clever home improvement in the backyard space can go a long way to adding peace and tranquillity to your home life.

You just need to be inspired to make some backyard improvements. Here are some top ideas. 

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How Much Does A Sydney Kitchen Renovation Cost?

What would it cost for a kitchen renovation in Sydney?

Enquire from a kitchen designer, and they possibly would reply, “How much are you willing to devote?” Though it would be more politely said, they’ll also provide you some possibilities. A better inquiry would be: “What is your budget range for a kitchen renovation?” With this, you can have a kitchen renovation that not only fits but also matches your finances, too.

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How Can I Juggle My Home Renovation And Mortgage?

Managing the mortgage and home renovation

We all want great houses but beautiful and functional homes don’t always come cheap.

Often, it’s stressful just to think about buying a new house and renovating it.

However, it doesn’t always have to be hard. Here are some tips on how you can manage to afford a renovation on top of your mortgage.

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Sydney Homeowners Are Choosing To Renovate More

Why Renovating May Be A Better Option

Usually, when a homeowner outgrows their house, then the next decision is often to sell the property and move to a better or bigger one.

However, most homeowners in Sydney will find that the market is not as amenable to moving. It is an expensive decision that leaves most people with only one other option: to stay put and renovate.

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3 Ways To Increase Your Home’s Value

Renovation and Profit

Want to increase the market value of your home? Did you know that by renovating it, you can add incredible value?

The trick to improving its value is to make sure you are renovating your property the right way and without making costly mistakes.

We have outlined some of the best home renovation tips to ensure you maximise it’s value.

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Flood Warning – 5 Ways To Protect Your Home

Floods Are Costly

Many parts of Australia are exposed to flooding due to heavy rain, especially in recent years. And unfortunately with floods comes the potential risk of costly damage to your property.

As a home-owner, there are steps you can take to help protect your property from major flood damage. Here they are.

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All About Your Home Worth in 2016: The Renovations That Add Value

Keeping Up With the Tides!

A new study suggests that many Australians believe that their homes are worth more than they were in the previous year. Although there were some ups thanks to the market concentration and booming markets, the end of 2015 signaled that growth is already cooling down.

Nonetheless, data from Slater and Gordon (via Domain) reveals that around 78% of Australians think their property values increased for the past year. In fact, the majority of Sydney respondents think that their property prices experienced considerable uptake – so as with Melbourne residents.

One of the best ways to increase your property worth is through a quality renovation. Below we outline some ways that you can do this.

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5 Best Bathroom Renovation Tips

Get Ready To Transform Your Bathroom!

A good bathroom design and renovation should cater to your lifestyle needs, add space and also be achieved within a reasonable budget.

So let’s help you get started.

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