Home Renovation in Sydney North Shore – Tips to a Successful Renovation – What to Ask Your Builder

Home Renovation in Sydney North Shore – Tips to a Successful Renovation:  What are your credentials?

Credentials encompass the requirements for performing building and renovation services in Sydney’s North Shore. So when it comes to your Home renovation in Sydney North Shore tips: ask for credentials. Ensuring the builder has the appropriate licensing, insurance cover, and affiliations saves you time and trouble throughout the process of whatever renovation you have chosen to do. All builders in NSW must be licensed according to NSW Fair Trading. Builders are required to have at least a license class of “Builder” in order to provide building services. They can also carry carpenter and/or joiner licenses. Any extraneous tradies used in the process of any Sydney North Shore renovation must carry their specific tradesman licensing. Always ask and request proof of licensing.

Home Renovation in Sydney North Shore – Tips to a Successful Renovation: Do you carry full insurance cover?

It’s unlikely that a licensed builder won’t carry full insurance cover, but it’s still wise to ask. Building contractors in the Sydney’s North Shore should carry full insurance cover. What are the benefits of full cover?

Fully insured builders protect themselves as well as YOU by carrying full insurance cover. Public liability (indemnity) and workers compensation cover are the two must-have primary cover types for all builders. This protects the client from any liability issues that occur from injuries or accidents that occur during the renovation or construction process. Home warranty insurance is another type of cover new home builders should have to protect themselves and their clients from product defects.

Home Renovation in Sydney North Shore – Tips to a Successful Renovation: Work-related questions to ask builders

Once you are sure you have a list of licensed and insured local builders, there are work-related questions you need to ask before you select one for your renovation project. Some of the great tips the builders in our Tradebusters network were able to share include asking these follow-up questions:

  • How much will it cost? – Ask builders for a quote based on the type of project you want for your home. Get the detailed cost breakdown in writing so you have something to refer to if any discrepancy arises.
  • How long will it take? – Another important piece of information you need about your project is how long the work will take. Knowing the amount of time it will take to complete your renovation is crucial to your own schedule.
  • Do you have a portfolio? – Nothing is wrong with asking a builder for their portfolio. It’s smart business for them to have examples ready to show potential clients. It’s also smart for you to ask to see recent examples of their work.

The more you know about local North Shore builders, the easier it is for you to make an informed and intelligent decision when selecting the ideal builder for your home renovation or extension project.

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