Removing Load Bearing Walls for a Renovation Project

All about load bearing walls

One of the biggest concerns for home owners who decide to begin a renovation project is a load bearing wall. As the phrase itself suggests, a load bearing wall is a very important part of your home’s structure. One wrong move concerning a load bearing wall, and the entire structure would collapse. If your renovation project involves tearing down walls, you have to consult a professional about it first to make sure the structural integrity of your home is protected.

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Sydney Plumbers – 5 Vital Things to Check

What to check when looking for a plumber Most of us have heard the horror stories going around about what can happen when you hire the wrong plumber. While tales about disastrous plumbing experiences make a good story, they should also make us aware about just how important it is to spend some time ensuring […]

Plumbing Tips: 5 Ways to Prevent Your Drains from Blocking

Keeping Your Drains Clog-Free!

Clogged drains can end up being costly for you, especially if you need to arrange a plumber to come out and unclog them.

The best way to make sure this doesn’t happen is to practice good preventative maintenance on an ongoing basis so the drains stay as clog-free as possible. Read more

Flood Warning – 5 Ways To Protect Your Home

Floods Are Costly

Many parts of Australia are exposed to flooding due to heavy rain, especially in recent years. And unfortunately with floods comes the potential risk of costly damage to your property.

As a home-owner, there are steps you can take to help protect your property from major flood damage. Here they are.

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Tradesmen Licensing NSW – How The Latest Changes are Impacting Homeowners

2015 Licensing Changes for Tradies

As a Sydney homeowner, it’s not only important to choose reliable tradespeople for your home improvement and repair projects, it’s also important to note licensing changes that affect tradies you may be hiring.

The recent NSW licensing changes for tradies and builders in Sydney were made effective in two stages, one in January 2015 and the other in March 2015. We are well into 2015, so these new regulations are in force. Read more

Plumber Eastern Suburbs – Are You Ready for a New Dishwasher?

Plumber Eastern Suburbs:  Reasons people love dishwashers

It’s obvious to most of us that dishwashers make kitchen clean-up easier and faster. These handy appliances eliminate the need to run dishwashing water, washing your dishes by hand, rinsing, and towel drying them by hand. If you are ready for a new dishwasher, a local plumber in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs can help you with options. You should also know a few things about these convenient appliances before choosing one. We had a chat with some of the plumbers in our Eastern Suburbs trade network and here are some of their tips. Read more

Electrician Northern Beaches – Ceiling Fan Installation

Electrician Northern Beaches: Do you need an electrician?

Due to the delicate nature of electricity related to ceiling fan installation, an electrician should be hired to do the job. As a matter of fact, not only is it safer, when electrical wiring is concerned, electrician Northern Beaches services are necessary. According to the NSW Fair Trading website, electrical wiring must be done only by a licensed electrician.   Read more

Gutter Replacement Sydney – Tips for Choosing Guttering

Gutter Replacement Sydney: Why are gutters important?

Every homeowner should understand that a guttering system is an essential component in protecting the exterior area around your house from water damage. This is why choosing the appropriate gutter replacement Sydney services is so important. Gutters carry water away from your roof and from your foundation when a system is properly installed. Reading these factors for choosing gutters will help you make an informed decision. Read more

Architect Sydney – Property Stylists Help Sell Your Home

Architect Sydney: The differences between architects and property stylists

Property stylists often have architectural experience of some kind. Many architect Sydney services include property stylists. They know the basics of various types of architecture and they know how to work with them.  Architects have training and experience in building knowledge related to the structure, the property upon which a structure is built, and the permits and documentation required for building. Eco-friendly building designs are included in the vast knowledge held by experienced architects. Read more

Spotting Signs of Roof Damage After A Storm From The Ground

signs of roof damageNo one will argue that the roof of our house is our primary protection against the elements. That means it bears the brunt of harsh sunlight, strong winds and heavy rains that hit us from time to time. With all the abuse it goes through, it would just be a matter of time before our roof begins sustaining some damage.

Typically, we check our roof for damage after a storm by climbing up the ladder and seeing it with our own eyes. There are, however, ways to determine roof damage without going up the ladder. There are signs of roof damage you can spot from ground level, and here are some of them.

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