Australians Love Renovating

If you’ve been doing some channel surfing lately, you’ll see that programs that deal with home improvement are becoming quite popular. Their popularity clearly shows how everyday Australians are becoming more interested in renovation. An article written by Cameron McEvoy for talks about this love for renovation among Australians and more.

Most Australians would renovate if given the chance

Citing recent surveys, McEvoy says only 5 per cent of respondents said they would never renovate. That means a whopping 95 per cent of Australians would. And if money was no object, nearly 30 per cent said they would renovate every 4.5 years if they have a practically unlimited budget.

A more interesting finding is the answer given by most women surveyed to the question about the frequency of renovations if money was no object. If that was the case, they would renovate every single year, compared to men who, on average, prefer to renovate every couple of years.

Money matters to a renovation project

Then again, money will always be an object to anyone in general, and that’s why salaries figure into the frequency of a household’s renovation projects. According to McEvoy, those than earn $90,000 annually are more likely to want to undertake a renovation every 4-5 years, while households that bring in less than $50,000, would rather renovate every couple of years.

One thing that I totally agree with in McEvoy’s article is how Australians seem to romanticize renovations. As far as many Aussies are concerned, a renovation is an exercise in creativity, and it is not uncommon for many to feel an emotional connection to the project, especially when it involves a lot of blood (figuratively, of course), sweat and—perhaps in cases where the budget goes spiralling out of control or the renovator isn’t doing a good job—tears.

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