Local electrician in Sydney

Find a Local Electrician in Sydney: 7 Questions To Ask

Tips in finding the best local electricians in Sydney

Everyone wants to hire tradespeople that are good, but if there is one trade that we all should be absolutely sure about, it would have to be a Sydney electrician. It is one of the riskiest trades around and we could be putting ourselves and our families in danger by selecting an inexperienced or uninsured electrician with accidents like wire tripping, electrocutions, and worse. 

Safety is key in finding and selecting the right electrician in Australia for your home and so you do need to know the right questions to ask.

Here are some questions that we use at Tradebusters when meeting and screening recommended electricians across Australia to join our network. Hope they may help you!

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The Problem With Closing Air Vents During the Summer

Does closing air vents reduce energy consumption?

The summer season is upon Australia, and that means each and every air conditioning system in the country will be working full-time to keep Australians cool for the entire season. Operating air conditioners regularly also means huge energy consumption, which will certainly be reflected in the electricity bill at the end of each month.

As expected, people are trying to find ways to reduce energy costs while keeping cool temperatures inside their homes. One of the more common practices believed to help reduce energy costs is closing air vents.

On the surface, closing air vents during the summer is a sound idea, as it helps divert airflow from underused rooms of the house to key areas of the house, thereby maximising use of the conditioned air. In theory, this should help you reduce energy costs. But does it? Let’s hear from James, our resident air conditioning specialist.

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Turn Off Your Water Supply

Don’t Know Where to Turn Off Your Water Supply?

How to turn off water supply?

It is an unfortunate fact of human nature that many among us only do something about anything when it’s already too late. Let’s take the location of our water shut off valve (or water mains valve) at home for example. As a home owner, do you even know where it is?

Good for you if you do. If you don’t, then you’re one of the countless home owners all over the world who only find out the location of the water mains isolation valve when a plumbing emergency like a burst pipe takes place. It is likely that by the time you locate the water mains shut-off valve, your home will already have suffered a fair amount of water damage due to flooding.

Needless to say, it is extremely important for you to learn where turn off your home’s main water supply before anything like this ever happens. The water shut off valve is your only means of cutting off water supply to your house, especially in plumbing emergency cases. Here are some tips for finding your home’s water mains tap or shut-off valve.

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Home Renovations in Northern Beaches Sydney

Home Renovation in Sydney North Shore - Tips to a Successful RenovationHow to avoid common risks in home renovations

In 2017, the Sydney Northern Beaches was a hotbed of property deals, with record-setting auction clearance rates and some of the highest prices on record. In 2018, the property scene around Northern Beaches has cooled a little and adding value through a renovation is on the cards for many of last year’s home buyers caught up in the real estate frenzy.

Home Renovations create lots of potentials to add value to a home, increase its street appeal, or create more space for comfortable living, but careful management is needed if the renovation is to achieve the intended outcome. Here are a few of the most common risks faced by renovators and how to avoid them. Read more

timber floor

Ways To Protect And Maintain Your Timber Floor Boards

Shine! Shine!! Shine!!!….Those floor boards

Timber floor boards are beautiful, durable, and can add a lot of value to any home. But because of its maintenance requirements, many people tend to avoid installing them.

People do fear that their once shiny timber floor board could become dull and dingy.

Regardless of the great look, density, hardness or coating, floor sander and timber floor boards will have some marks and scratch. Some will choose to resurface or re-coat at some point. However, with proper care, your timber floor can last a lifetime.

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Flood Warning – 5 Ways To Protect Your Home

Floods Are Costly

Many parts of Australia are exposed to flooding due to heavy rain, especially in recent years. And unfortunately with floods comes the potential risk of costly damage to your property.

As a home-owner, there are steps you can take to help protect your property from major flood damage. Here they are.

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Landscapers Sydney – Water Features and Retaining Walls

Landscapers Sydney: Trending elements

The current trending elements in landscaping encompass the addition of water features and retaining walls. Water features are most used for dressing up your property, while retaining walls are designed and constructed by landscapers Sydney services to prevent erosion. However, retaining walls can also be decorative and part of the backyard decor you can enjoy. Read more

Roof Restoration Sydney – Services to Expect from Roofers


Roof Restoration Sydney: What does roof restoration mean?

Harsh weather and unexpected occurrences can take a toll on roofing materials. Whatever the reason you require roof restoration Sydney services, it’s important to know what to expect from these tradies. The word restoration comes from the word restore, which has a number of definitions. In the case of restoring a roof, one is renovating and restoring the roof to its former condition or to a functional condition. Some roofing is intended to last for many years within reason.  Read more

Why Ventilation Exhaust Fans Are So Important

why ventilation exhaust fans are so importantMore often than not, we home owners don’t really give much thought about those ubiquitous little fans that spin somewhere near the top of our walls or on our ceilings. They are, however, extremely important not only for the home itself, but also for the health of the people who live there.

Here are some reasons why ventilation exhaust fans are so important, and should be treated as such.

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10 Home Improvement Tips For Better Energy Efficiency

home improvementThe last few decades have seen energy costs rise everywhere in the world, with energy efficiency eventually becoming a cause of concern. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, last year the average Australian household spent $39 on energy and gas for their homes every week.  This comes to more than $2,000 for the entire year. With rising energy costs, more and more home owners are trying to find ways to improve the energy efficiency of their homes.

It is always possible to lower your utility bills, but you do have to make certain changes to your home to make it happen. Here are several home improvement for better energy efficiency.

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