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Bathroom Renovations – How Do I Reduce The Cost?

Save money on your bathroom renovation by following these tips

A bathroom renovation is one of the best things you can do to add substantial value to your home. However, a complete bathroom renovation can get real expensive, costing up to tens of thousands of dollars. Budget-conscious home owners would naturally want to keep costs down, but still have the bathroom that they have always wanted.

Fortunately for home owners, there are a number of ways that they can reduce the cost of bathroom renovation without compromising on the quality of materials or the workmanship. Here are some of them.

Supply the non-trades labour needed

More than 60% of the cost of a bathroom renovation goes to manual labour. Sure, you’re paying skilled and experienced tradespeople to work on your renovation, but there may be some aspects of it where you can get involved to reduce the cost. It could be something as simple as the demolition and removal of non-structure elements of the existing bathroom or rubbish removal and disposal. Have a discussion with your bathroom renovator about what simple aspects you can get involved with that may save some dollars.

Go for a bathroom renovation design that requires minimal configuration changes

One of the areas that can add significant cost to a bathroom renovation project is changes to the electrical and plumbing configurations due to relocating the shower, toilet or basins. You should think carefully if such changes are an absolute must-have for your bathroom renovation. On one hand, the change may be worth the additional cost especially if it adds considerable space and value.  But if it doesn’t, then maintaining the current configuration of your existing bathroom could be a way to reduce costs.

Recycle stuff from your existing bathroom

Are your shower heads and water taps still working perfectly and looking great? Are your bathroom tiles still as beautiful as they when they were first installed? If the answer to both questions is yes, then it would be best if you just recycle as much of your existing bathroom as you can. You’ll be able to save hundreds—even thousands—of dollars because you won’t have to spend for brand-new fittings and fixtures.

Shop wise for your bathroom renovation materials and fixtures

Whilst we certainly would not encourage you to comprise the quality of your bathroom renovation by taking short cuts on the quality of labour, one area where you could make significant savings without quality comprise is with the purchase of your bathroom fittings and fixtures like the bathtub, shower screen, vanity, tapware and tiles.  It is not unheard off to save anywhere from 20%-50% off the same brand items simply by shopping more wisely with either wholesale suppliers or making your purchases during heavy sales seasons. Also, if you are engaging the services of a good (and helpful) bathroom renovator or tradesmen service provider, they are also likely to have access to preferred supplier discounts that you can benefit from.

Plan very carefully to avoid variations

Before signing a contract with a professional bathroom renovator, make sure you already have an exact idea of what you want, what you’re going to get and how things are going to be done. You wouldn’t want to be stuck with extra charges and fees should you decide to change your mind about something in the middle of the project. It is not uncommon for a professional bathroom renovator to charge for contract variations, especially when it’s you who wants certain changes done or if you made a mistake choosing a certain fixture or material.

Select the right experienced bathroom renovator

Unfortunately, one area that can cause costs to really blow out on your project is selecting the wrong bathroom renovator to do the job. An inexperienced bathroom renovator can end up costly for you if the quality of workmanship is so poor that it needs to be redone again or if shortcuts are taken that result in problems down the track. With many tradespeople, you get what you pay for, so be extremely weary of quotes that look too good to be true. A professional and reputable bathroom renovator will not only charge a fair price for a high quality renovation but more importantly help you achieve your dream vision on time,  too budget, and with complete peace of mind.

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