How Tradies Can Use GeoOp To Grow Their Business

Efficient Management and Customer Service

GeoOp has to be one of the most powerful workflow tools out on the market for tradies in business. It not only allows more efficient management of business processes but from the tradies we spoke to, it is also leading to better customer service experiences and more new clients.

Whether you are a plumber, electrician or in general property maintenance, it looks like more and more tradies are getting onto the GeoOp solution to helping them run and grow their businesses.

We spoke to a few tradies to understand the benefits of using GeoOp in their business.

3 Ways How GeoOp Helps Tradies In Business

1. Gain greater control over your business

Imagine having full control of your business with one click anywhere, anytime. That’s GeoOp.

You can input your cash flow, customers, staff and open jobs and monitor them via a single application, saving your business a lot of time and money from managing these separately.

With greater visibility it means you can reschedule jobs and staff quickly, better respond to customers and never miss an appointment again.

In turn this greater level of control leads to happier customers, which for a tradie means more referrals to family, friends, neighbours and ultimately more new clients. Now, who wouldn’t want that.

2. Never lose money again

Managing your jobs manually runs the risk of losing track of the job status and forgetting to invoice customers. And trust me, it does happen.

I remember a customer calling our Tradebusters tradie concierge service once saying they still hadn’t received an invoice from a plumber who completed a job for them over 3 months ago. It was over $800. It turned out that the plumber missed invoicing them as he was running his business using manual job-sheets. It sure made me wonder how much money he had lost over the years to customers that don’t follow-up to pay.

The ability to never miss invoicing for a completed job has to be one of the best features of GeoOp. You can store every piece of information about a task or job under the GeoOp Job function. From calls to transactions and payments, you and your staff will never lose visibility of a job again.

3. Make managing the books easier, faster and cheaper

Tradies can incorporate different aspects of the business into GeoOp. For instance, quotes can be generated instantly into PDF format and sent to customers – imagine how much time that will save!

Additionally, tradies can also record “quoted” charges that can be changed to “actual” when the job is done. Parts list can also be generated for the entire business. You can include the prices and associated costs.

Along with quotes and prices comes an invoicing feature. This can help you get paid faster in full. GeoOp comes with a number of integrations like Xero and Freshbooks so the potential to save on bookkeeping time and costs with it is huge.

Let’s face it, one of the key reasons many tradies fail to grow their business is due to bad job management processes and poor customer experiences. And like many tradies, you are probably time-poor and don’t want to be spending long hours on administration. That is why leveraging smart workflow solutions like GeoOp are key in helping free up your time and improving your customer processes and experiences. This then gives you a strong foundation and the confidence to move forward and successfully grow your team and business without ever losing control.

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