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3 Quick Lead Generation Ideas for Sydney Builders and Trades

Helpful lead generation ideas for Sydney builders and trades

A thriving trade business depends on good quality leads coming in day and day out. Without qualified leads, work can be hard to come by, but if you’re a builder or other type of tradie, what’s the best way to secure good leads, so you always have a new job every day of the week?

Here are a few ideas you can use to keep the phones ringing and keep the paycheques rolling in.

1. Create a quality website, brochure, or ebook

The way to start any good business relationship is first to create value for the client who comes to you looking for information. Creating a website loaded with free information which can help your potential client right now performs a few essential tasks which work at turning a curious lead into a paying client.

Providing quality information will establish you as an authority in your industry. The prospect will know that you are professional with the knowledge and expertise they need to get their job done.

Also by giving out information without receiving compensation, you instil a level of trust that is vitally important to starting any business relationship on a decent footing.

Most businesses will benefit from putting their content out in all forms of media, rather than just focusing on digital-only content, so a physical brochure should also make up part of your marketing effort.

2. Invest in SEO for your trade business

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. When people type a query into a search engine, the sites which appear in the search results are, at least according to the search engines, the ones most likely to answer the users’ questions.

Knowing what your leads are going to be searching for is the first part of good SEO practice. You achieve the second part of SEO by filling your site with useful information that answers the queries for which you would like your business to be found.

SEO can be complicated, but there are professionals who specialise in helping their clients get websites to the top spot in the search results.

3. Use online advertising

There’s an internet-enabled smartphone in every pocket. What this means for businesses is that more people will turn to their mobile phones when researching a new company.

Websites are an essential marketing tool for all businesses in the 21st century, but it can take a while before they get noticed by the search engines. A faster way to get the phone ringing right now is to start up a paid advertising campaign with Google Adwords, Bing, and Facebook.

In particular, Facebook marketing has one of the most in-depth lead targeting tools ever seen in the marketing the industry. You can target all manner of leads – from age and hobbies to home-owners or renters – which will help you attract high-quality prospects which have a higher chance of converting to paying customers.

The above three tips are great ways to get more leads through the door or on the phone, but it can also pay to be a part of a trusted business directory service which has an excellent reputation throughout the industry.

Tradebusters Connect is one such trade directory which can create massive online exposure for builders and tradies who have proven themselves in the field and have a solid reputation for quality and reliability.

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