Building a House in Sydney – Custom Build or Project Home?

Project builder or private home builder? Which is better?

Building a new home is one of the most significant decisions you will make in your life. One of the first choices you will face will be whether to build a unique home or go with a project build.

You probably already have a good idea about the sort of home you want to create, but here are a few of the pros and cons to help you decide either way.

Advantages and disadvantages of private custom-built homes

Builders will work with homeowners during the design phase, which gives the builder time to get to know their client. A closer working relationship helps ensure the homeowner achieves their dream design.

Every construction site will have unique characteristics. A custom build will allow for unique design features which take advantage of the site such as wind and sunlight. Sydney builders creating a custom design will be better equipped to tackle the challenge of sloping land and come up with a plan suitable for the location.

The main disadvantages of custom home builds are the price, and the time to build. Generally speaking, one-off designs may be more expensive than project builds because they are unique products.

Due to the extra time required for design, the employment of an Sydney architect, and approval with the local council, a custom-built home will also add a few months to the build time.

Another risk is that you may not know your builder and how reliable and reputable they may be in doing business. However, there are ways to minimise these risks, which will be discussed below.

Advantages and disadvantages of project homes

Project homes have the unique advantage of the homeowner being able to walk through a finished design to see exactly what they will be getting in the finished product.

The designs are also ready to go, so build time is considerably faster than custom-built homes. There is some flexibility lost in the type of blocks which will be able to accommodate a project home. Most project homes will require a reasonably uniform block of land for their construction.

Project builds provide for some latitude in different configurations and fixtures. However, if you stray too far from the original design parameters, then the price can increase significantly – quite often to the point where it may be worth considering a custom build.

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