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3 Brilliant Digital Marketing Strategies for Tradies

3 brilliant digital marketing strategies for tradies

Our increasingly digital and connected world means that it is essential for all businesses to take their marketing online, so here are some of the best digital marketing strategies tradies can use to reach more customers in their local area.

Get on Facebook

A big part of marketing is knowing your customers and where to find them. It is still considered best practice to maintain a presence in print media, but the rise of social media has meant that online marketing has been gaining dominance as a marketing platform.

There are so many social media platforms that the task can seem overwhelming at first, but you don’t need to have a presence in all of them. Use your market research to discover where most of your prospects hang out online and then focus your efforts on that platform.

Facebook, with their billions of active accounts, is a logical starting point for your marketing efforts as it provides an excellent platform for showcasing your previous work, publishing text and video testimonials, and promoting your website.

Facebook works best when you make the effort to regularly engage with your fans and keep your page up to date with information that is both helpful and relevant.

You will also find that Facebook has a marketing platform which is second to none and provides a relatively affordable means to target your marketing efforts at only those prospects who reside in your local area.

Personalise your website

The Google and Bing search engines both prefer to include websites in their search results which are updated with content on a daily or weekly basis. Writing content is a long-term strategy that takes time to gain traction, but if you stick with it, the results will more than pay for themselves.

The more content you post, the more your search results will improve as people start finding your site from search terms you may have never thought about otherwise. Reading your content is also a relationship builder, as people who regularly read your content will start to consider you an expert in your field and a business they can trust.

You can also link your content to your social media accounts and pay for ads to give them a brief boost in the newsfeed for some fast traffic.

Become a preferred local area service provider

Trade directories have been growing in popularity, but there are a few specialised directories, such as Tradebusters Connect, which can help your business stand out even further.

Tradebusters Connect has built a solid reputation for only listing the top 3 preferred businesses in any area, and with 84% of customers saying they will choose a “top 3 local business pick” over any other local company, it can pay big dividends when you get into their program.

With a position on the Tradebusters Connect platform, you will be able to dramatically boost your customer base, increase your sales, and improve your branding image. The entire process is free, and there’s absolutely no obligation, so enquire today and see how Tradebusters Connect can make your business more profitable.

Need Help In Growing Your Trade Business?

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