3 Ways to Declutter

On the way to a fresher home

You are not alone. We are all guilty of accumulating items we don’t need, sometimes over many years. And before you know it, your previously clean and well organised home looks and feels CLUTTERED.

So let’s look at some ways to restore order at home. The decluttering process can get your home looking clean and fresh again and believe it or not, give you a personal sense of freedom.  

Here are some decluttering tips you can start applying today.

  1. Start small

Keeping your house clutter-free doesn’t happen overnight. You have to start somewhere and make a habit out of it.

So what are some easy daily quick wins?

  • Emptying your mailbox
  • dumping dirty clothes in a hamper
  • taking out the garbage
  • putting books back to the shelf
  • replacing mouldy flowers
  • Never allowing you cabinets or shelves to overflow.

Very simply, reminding yourself and your family to keep things in order can avoid clutter in the first place.

  1. Get rid of the old stuff

Sometimes, clutter mounts up so easily because you simply have too many belongings and you keep purchasing new items without disposing of old items.

Trust me, you don’t need 10 black jumpers in your closet!

Assess your closet every season and get rid of clothes you don’t use anymore.

I personally have a 1 year rule- anything not worn for 1 year, means it’s time to get rid off or give away to charity.

This will help you make room for new garments.

You can also apply this technique with your kitchen cabinets, bookshelves, coffee tables, and garage.

  1. Involve the entire family

Every single member of the family should be held accountable for something. No one person can maintain a home’s orderliness on their own.

Initiate a “clean your own room” policy. For common areas such as the living room, dining room, and kitchen, you can either divide the chores or assign a day for each family member to clean up.

Having a regular cleaning day which involves every member of the family is also a good idea to keep things in check.

The benefits of a clutter-free home will definitely make all your efforts worth it.

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