5 Home Renovations to Consider in the Booming Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs

Latest report shows now is a good time for a home renovation in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs?

Recently an article in Domain reported that local buyers are most interested in homes under $2 million in the Sydney Eastern Suburbs area. This has opened the market to savvy sellers and buyers to add value to a property by renovating. Low interest rates have also created more interest in this booming area.

So what kinds of renovations could you consider to add value to your property?

5 home renovations that add value in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs

1)      House extensions – Homeowners often decide to have an house extension when they have outgrown their property. However, these kinds of home renovations are also great if you are planning to sell in this hot market. You can add to your kitchen, living room, bathroom, or add another bedroom to your house. A second bathroom in a one-bath home is an excellent idea. Just make sure you hire reliable builders in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs for the project.

2)      Bathroom upgrade – A bathroom makeover can add real value to any home. Upgrade the plumbing, fixtures, cabinets, shower stall, sinks, and/or bathtub. Enlist the services of local plumbers and experienced bathroom renovators as this does require specialist skills.

3)      Home lighting – If you have a small budget, simply adding new modern lights can give a greater appeal and feel of space.  Only use qualified, licensed electricians in Sydney Eastern Suburbs for electrical work.

4)      Kitchen upgrade – The kitchen is the hub of the home and a space that can add real value through a renovation. The cabinets, lighting, sink,appliances, flooring, and countertops are viable upgrades. As quality is key with a kitchen renovation, make sure you engage an experienced cabinet maker so that you are not left disappointed.

5)      Paint – A simple, yet effective cosmetic renovation that can bring up the value of your home is to paint it. And when you are selling a home, you may be surprised to know a nice clean paint job can help add thousands of dollars to your property value. Local painters in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs can help you with the interior and exterior painting of your home.

More about Sydney home renovations in a booming market

We got these useful  home renovations tips by talking to a number of local real estate professionals, tradies, and homeowners. You can also consider new windows, landscaping, and flooring to improve your home’s value.

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