5 Renovation Tips for Sydney Northern Beaches Homeowners

The Boom in the Northern Beaches

The real estate boom is on in the Northern Beaches, according to sources at domain.com.au. This boom is due to the upcoming hospital construction and the impending development of the area according to sources on the website.

Homeowners are upgrading their homes, renovating, and some are preparing to sell. Low interest rates and development in the area are creating a frenzy of home renovations in Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

We talked to some local builders and homeowners about renovating in the Northern Beaches and here are the top 5 renovation tips for adding value through a renovation:

  1. Home extensions or additions – Adding an extra room, space to an existing room, or extending your home upwards with a second level are all ways to improve the value of your Sydney Northern Beaches home. If you plan to sell your home, these are highly appealing upgrades that will make your home sell for top dollar. A specific example would be to add a second bathroom to a one-bath home.
  2. Landscaping and Outdoor living Space – The addition of a pergola, deck, or other outdoor feature that enhances your outdoor living space, adds to your enjoyment, and provides an outdoor area for entertaining also adds value to your property. Builders and landscapers can help you design your ideal outdoor space.
  3. Bathroom Renovation – If you only have one bathroom in your home, and have no plans to add another, upgrading your existing bathroom will add value to your home. It will make it more appealing to buyers if you plan to sell or make it more comfortable and appealing to you if you plan to stay. Working with a specialist bathroom renovator or builder can help you achieve your objectives. Updated fixtures, extra storage and cabinets, retiled flooring, and wall paint can truly transform your bath.
  4. Paint refreshing – A cost-effective and simple way to add value to your house is to have local Northern beaches painters give your home a new coat of paint. It refreshes the look of your house inside and out and gives it a facelift. The costs are well worth it if you plan to sell or if you want to remain in your house.
  5. Kitchen Renovation – The kitchen is centerpiece of any home and out of all the rooms in a house can add substantial value as part of a home renovations . New Lighting, cabinet space, flooring, and countertops are all part of making the kitchen a more appealing hub of the home.

The market in Sydney’s Northern Beaches is hot right now and the interest rates are historically low. If you want to upgrade or sell your home, now is a great time to renovate. Just remember the success to any renovation relies on using the right qualified builders and tradesmen and means you won’t get caught out with costly mistakes or a disappointing experience.

Home Renovations Northern Beaches- Find Builders and Other Tradesmen

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