Refresh the Look of Your Room

Sick and tired of the way your room is looking? Yes, we know the feeling. It is pretty common for people to feel that a particular room in the house is  looking somewhat flat and boring. So perhaps it’s time  to refresh the look of your room.

If you’re worried about the costs involved, then good budgeting and creative thinking is a must. If you just stick with what you already have and polish them, you won’t have to spend a fortune in making your room look fresh again. Couple that with smart buying choices for new things, and the cost for refreshing your room’s look will be significantly reduced. So how do you go about giving your room a fresh look?

Take away stuff that’s detracting from your room

An unwritten rule when it comes to freshening up your room is to remove anything that detracts from it before doing anything else. Furniture, decorative items and other items in the room that have already lost whatever appeal they had in the beginning should be taken away. While you’re doing removals, you might as well take the opportunity to clean up a few months’ worth of dust bunnies and grime too.

Refurbish your room

The next step is to refurbish your room. For this you might want to ask for help from a friend who has an eye for design and let him/her make recommendations as to what innovations would improve the look of your room. We’d also like to offer some ideas, such as reupholstering a chair or a bench. If you have an old desk, you might want to convert it into a coffee table by shortening its legs. Painting certain objects like a mirror frame, the legs of a chair or a table can also help change up the look of a room. Even subtle changes like the addition of a decorative trim to your curtains, Ottoman or lampshade will work.

Get some painting done

Just one can of paint can go a long way in changing the way your room looks and feels. You can go for colour trends in painting, or you can just stick to the neutrals or your favourite colour. And paint does more than just add colour: it can also hide the permanent marks and stains that have been bugging you for a long time.

Rearrange the furniture

This is actually one of the simplest things you can do if you want to refresh the look of your room. Just shift the furniture around. If your couch, for instance, had always been close to the walls all these years, try putting it somewhere else, like near the centre of the room. Shift your bed to another wall. If you have house plants, put them somewhere else inside the room. Just change things up, until you come up with a look that would satisfy you.

Should you decide to go the extra mile in reviving your room’s look, like having renovations or some serious designing done, just call us at Tradebusters. Our network counts some of the best tradespersons in Australia as its members, and we’ll be more than glad to introduce them to you.

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