Painters Sydney Eastern Suburbs

Painters Sydney Eastern Suburbs – They Do More than Paint!

The misconceptions about painters

They come to your door with paintbrush in one hand and a gallon of paint in another. Here’s what most people think painters in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs professionals do. They tape off the room, stand back and rub their belly, and shake their head, as if in a “this is going to cost you” type gesture. They slap the paint on, and with a handshake, take your money. In another scenario, they show up, paint an hour or so, then show up again a couple days later; repeating this routine until with a handshake, they take your money.

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Sydney Painters – How To Find The Best

How to find the best painter in Sydney

Painting is one of the most budget-friendly ways to add new life to a room or house. While painting may seem like an easy DIY job, it’s trickier than it looks.

Careful preparation, the right tools, and quality paints are essential to making sure your fresh coat of paint stays put for many years. Therefore, a qualified Sydney painter is highly recommended. Here’s how to find Sydney painters you know you can trust.
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How To Find A Great Painter In My Local Area?

Watch out for low-quality painters

When you need to spruce up your home with a fresh coat of paint, or the interior is looking a little shabby and needs a touch-up, you are going to need a reliable painter who is known for their quality work.

Low-quality painters know how to make a job look good just long enough to cash your cheque, but once the paint dries and a couple of months have passed, the real quality of their work will become apparent. Bubbles may start to appear, and paint may begin to peel off – making your bright new living room or freshly painted exterior look worse than it did before.
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Painting the Home: What Your Colours Say

Pick the Right Paint Colour for Your Home

The colour you use on your home can have a profound impact on you and your family’s well-being. Picking the right paint hue can actually bring unimagined benefits.

So what do different colours mean and how can they affect your home?

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3 Ways To Increase Your Home’s Value

Renovation and Profit

Want to increase the market value of your home? Did you know that by renovating it, you can add incredible value?

The trick to improving its value is to make sure you are renovating your property the right way and without making costly mistakes.

We have outlined some of the best home renovation tips to ensure you maximise it’s value.

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Home Renovations- Understanding The Contract

What to Look for In a Contract

Putting a contract (or agreement) in place for any home repair, renovation or home build job is very common practise. The reason for this is to protect you and the trade business when working together.

You obviously want to make sure you get the job done to an expected quality level and within a certain time frame. The trade business wants to ensure they get paid for their time, labour, costs and effort.

The contract should form a key part of the discussion with any tradie you are planning to use.

We list below some of things you want to ensure are covered in the contract.

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Home Renovation Costing Tips

3 Places To Start!

Ready for a home renovation? One of the biggest challenges is always sticking to budget and knowing where to spend and where to save.

That’s why we have come up with the best tips to help you with your next home renovation project.

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Tips for Home Renovations in the Booming Sydney Eastern Suburbs

What makes the eastern suburbs so prime for home renovations Sydney projects?

The eastern suburbs and the city of Sydney are prestigious areas with prime quality real estate. In 2014 this area seemed to lag behind some of the other regions, mostly due to buyers looking at more affordable housing. However, the growth in this area over the past year has provided a good showing for homes under $2 million. This is one of the factors that make the city and eastern suburbs good areas for a Sydney home renovation project. Read more

Painters Northern Beaches – Working with Painters and Colour Consultants

Painters Northern Beaches: What do colour consultants do?

The main goal of working with a colour consultant is to help you determine the most suitable paint colours for your house painting project.  Keep in mind that a colour consultant is not there to make the decision for you, but to provide you with options so you can make a decision about what colours you want to use for your house. Local painters in the Northern Beaches  often have a network of colour consultants they can recommend if you want to take advantage of this service before you paint. Read more

House Painters Sydney – Why Ask for Eco-Friendly Paint?

House Painters Sydney: VOCs versus non VOCs

Most Australians are choosing the Eco-friendly lifestyle. It’s not just a fad or a trend, but a lifestyle that can protect your health and well-being. This fact covers a wide scope of arenas including house painting. You may find that many house painters Sydney tradies prefer using paints with no VOCs over those with these chemicals. Read more