Painters Sydney Eastern Suburbs

Painters Sydney Eastern Suburbs – They Do More than Paint!

The misconceptions about painters

They come to your door with paintbrush in one hand and a gallon of paint in another. Here’s what most people think painters in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs professionals do. They tape off the room, stand back and rub their belly, and shake their head, as if in a “this is going to cost you” type gesture. They slap the paint on, and with a handshake, take your money. In another scenario, they show up, paint an hour or so, then show up again a couple days later; repeating this routine until with a handshake, they take your money.

What painters really do

Whether it is in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney or across Australia, one fact remains: Painters must know and execute all things paint related. Professional painters in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs will bid according to time, work involved, and all costs. They will share with you problems such as wood or drywall needing replaced. Are problems like these handled within the company or sub-contracted out? A good painter will communicate effectively and work in a timely manner from finish to end. It is important to know what their experience and reputation is.  A local painter has many other tricks up his sleeves too.  He knows what colors will sell your home. Painters come in many types, find the one who is inspired by your vision.

The bonus

Here is where painting gets good. Have you ever seen a wall which mimics a beautiful Italian marble? A painter did this with hours and hours of polishing the wall into a glorious sheen. The point is, there are some very talented painters in Sydney who have perfected their craft into art.  The best part of this is it is not expensive. You can have your glamorous entryway or subtle faux master suite or even mimic your favorite restaurant’s walls. This takes painters to a whole new level. Your imagination is on their palette. Amazing results lie in a painter’s hands. Check around in the Eastern Suburbs and there will be local painters who would love to give you the marbled wall.  Imagine creating your own personal style in your home through faux appearances, textural designs, pearlescent hues, mottling or other techniques only your painter would know about. Get inspired with wood grains or limestone look-alikes or stenciled damasks.

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