What to check when looking for a plumber

Most of us have heard the horror stories going around about what can happen when you hire the wrong plumber. While tales about disastrous plumbing experiences make a good story, they should also make us aware about just how important it is to spend some time ensuring your next plumbing job doesn’t suffer a similar fate.

Here’s how to do your due diligence when searching for a plumber you know you can trust.

1. Check the experience of the plumber

Everybody has to start somewhere, but when it comes to plumbing, you want an experienced professional who can get the job done without causing more damage.

Larger plumbing firms can have many plumbers on staff. If you’re getting a quote always check that the plumber doing the quoting is the one who will be doing the job and that they have the necessary experience.

2. Check the plumber has a license

All plumbers in NSW are required by law to hold a current license so it’s one of the first things you should check. You can quickly ensure the plumber you are talking to is current by asking to check the number displayed on their license, and then check its validity by visiting https://www.service.nsw.gov.au/transaction/check-builder-or-tradesperson-licence

3. Research online reviews

Online trade directories and Google provide a means for customers to express their views on every business they have ever had dealings. For the best results make sure you read more than the top few reviews so you can get a general feel for how well they will perform.

4. Check how the plumber will charge? Fixed or hourly?

Just about all plumbers will provide a free quote to their customers, but you should probably avoid those businesses who are prepared to quote you over the phone. To create an accurate quote, a plumber will need to see the job itself, as well as the surrounding area.

You will also want to know whether the plumber will be charging you a fixed rate or by the hour. Once you have the estimate, ask if it’s all inclusive of material and labour, and how much contingency has been built in to cover unforeseen problems.

Remember, quotes that look great on paper can be misleading and are designed to reel you in. As the job progresses, the plumber could suddenly announce they have run into a few problems, or the job is going to take longer than expected. The final tally ends up being a lot more than what was initially estimated.

5. Check the plumber has references

Online reviews are an excellent resource for finding a reputable business, but there’s no harm in asking for references you can check personally. A reliable plumber will have no problem providing you with details about a few of their past jobs.

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