Sydney Painters – How To Find The Best

How to find the best painter in Sydney

Painting is one of the most budget-friendly ways to add new life to a room or house. While painting may seem like an easy DIY job, it’s trickier than it looks.

Careful preparation, the right tools, and quality paints are essential to making sure your fresh coat of paint stays put for many years. Therefore, a qualified Sydney painter is highly recommended. Here’s how to find Sydney painters you know you can trust.

1. Experience and time on the job

It takes a while for a painter to build up to the skill level where they can make a difficult job look easy. When you’re interviewing painters, ask how long they have been in the business. All Sydney painters need to start somewhere, but that’s what apprenticeships are for.

2. License needed by law

You will rarely come across painters who aren’t licensed because it’s the law for jobs costing more than $5,000, but it’s always a good idea to check. Every tradie will keep a license on them which they can show you when asked. If you want to be thorough, you can do an online check by visiting the Fair Trades website and typing in the license number.

3.  Read online reviews

We used to rely on word-of-mouth from friends and family when it came to getting recommendations about a tradie. The internet has expanded on that archaic advertising model somewhat, and online reviews are available to anyone with a mobile phone.

Reviews are easy to find. If the company has an online presence at all, it should have at least a few star ratings under its name.

Most trade directories will list reviews of their paying customers, and Google will display star ratings on the search page. A lot of businesses will also have a Facebook presence, so check their business page as well. Always read both the negative and positive reviews as this will create a complete picture of what you can expect.

4. Fixed rate or hourly charge – Which one is best?

Hands down, a fixed rate charge is preferable, because you know how much you’re going to be handing over once the paint has dried. When a painter visits the premises to provide a quote, they will have a good idea about how long it’s going to take and will quote accordingly.

Don’t accept an estimate unless it’s a small job, because if they take longer than expected, you may as well be handing over a blank cheque.

5.  Check up on references

Don’t risk working with a dodgy painter! You’re employing a painter, and just like an employer bringing on a new staff member, it’s prudent to ask for references. A reputable painter won’t have a problem handing out a few numbers you can call to check up on them.

When you call, don’t limit yourself to asking what the quality of the work was like, especially if you’re hiring for a big job. You also want to know how pleasant the experience was. Did the painter show up when they said they would, did they stick to the quote, and did they make attempts to keep disruption to a minimum?

Tradebusters can help you find a great local painter

The Tradebusters free tradie concierge service can help you connect with a highly recommended painter.

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Connect with a Top 3 Local Choice painter near you

As a bonus tip, you can also search for a Sydney painter over at Tradebusters Connect, our Top 3 Local Choice directory. Unlike most trade directories, Tradebusters have done the leg work for you in finding the best Sydney-side painters around.

Here you’ll find best choice painters in your area.

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