Architect Sydney – Property Stylists Help Sell Your Home

Architect Sydney: The differences between architects and property stylists

Property stylists often have architectural experience of some kind. Many architect Sydney services include property stylists. They know the basics of various types of architecture and they know how to work with them.  Architects have training and experience in building knowledge related to the structure, the property upon which a structure is built, and the permits and documentation required for building. Eco-friendly building designs are included in the vast knowledge held by experienced architects.

Architect Sydney: What do property stylists do?

Much like architects, property stylists also use their vast knowledge and experience to provide a number of services that help you sell your property faster.  Not all property stylists are architects, but they do work with different types of properties, building styles and other aspects related to structures architecture to do their job. They often work alongside of an architect Sydney tradesman when needed.

De-cluttering – Clutter is not only unattractive, but also promotes a less than functional space. Clutter is something that property stylists help organise. This process can include getting rid of junk you have hoarded but don’t need, getting rid of outdated furniture, and updating your décor by getting rid of things that are outdated and not of value. This would not include valuable antiques or vintage items.

Staging – Staging is important to the home selling process. Experts in the field of property styling often help homeowners who are trying to sell their homes by making the exterior and interior more appealing to potential home-buyers. This process can range from setting up your existing furniture to bringing in new furniture and accessories for every room in your home. If you don’t plan to keep the furniture used for staging, these professionals also protect and store your existing furniture until your house is sold.

Repairs and renovations – If your house or property needs some repairs and a facelift, property stylist architect Sydney services will help you with that.  Most repairs they handle are minor in nature, unless you want to bring in other local tradesmen to handle bigger repairs. Renovations mostly encompass wallpaper or painting, but again, if you want to hire more tradies for bigger renovations, you can do that. This all depends on how much your property is worth and how quickly you want to sell it.

Other services – Property stylists also help with updated landscaping, interior and exterior plants and flowers, furniture placement, carpet and floor cleaning, electrical and lighting solutions, and other basics that create the environment most appealing to potential home-buyers.

Architect Sydney: Where do you begin?

It all begins by locating an architect Sydney with property stylist experience. A little research goes a long way when choosing your ideal property stylist. It’s important to learn as much as possible about the best tradesmen before hiring one for your project.

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