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Electrician Parramatta – Questions To Ask When Hiring One

A licensed electrician Parramatta is a must

Dealing with the electrical components of your home may look easy but it requires years of training and practice. You should only hire a licensed electrician Parramatta to ensure that you hiring a professional and not dodgy joe.

Finding an electrician in Parramatta is a very important job because ultimately the one you choose is the difference between a successful job and a poor job. Making sure that you have qualified contractors in your home is a very important process.

Here are a few sample questions that should be in your line of interview questions when considering a qualifed local Parramatta electrician.

Are you licensed?

Do not assume that the contractor and all of their workers are licensed. Verify this by obtaining their licence number along with state where they are licensed. Follow this up with a call to verify it is current and valid.

Do you have insurance coverage?

Once the licence is verified, move on to insurance. This protects you as a client, and of course the electrician as well. Obtain a copy of the insurance and call the appropriate agency to once again verify and make sure it is in fact valid.

Can you provide quotes?

Many contractors supply a hard copy of a quote that will detail the work to be performed, but some do not. First of all it is wise to stick with the one that does. As well as a quote ask about unexpected expenses. As all homeowners know, unexpected things can happen. Make sure that additional work not detailed on the quote is approved by you before it is performed – this eliminates the option of unexpected fees.

Will there be any power disruption?

Obtain clear and concise timelines for the interruption in power. In many cases this is important so that other contractors can be scheduled, especially in cases of a newly built home. Other contractors cannot work without the power.

What is your guarantee?

Most reputable electricians will offer a minimum of one year warranty on their work. However, make sure this is verified in writing before work begins. Most of the time it will be outlined on the hard copy quote you will receive.

Even though this may seem like a lot of questions, your home is an investment worth protecting. Any electrician that does not want to answer the qualifying questions is not an electrician you need working on your home.

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