Energy-Efficient Homes Sweeping Australia?

Why You Should Go Green Now!

Have you started to think green for your home yet?

There is mounting evidence that being aware of your home’s energy performance can bring huge economic benefits. And it’s a growing trend!

According to a report from Renew Economy, around “79 percent of home owners were actively trying to conserve as much energy as they could to reduce costs.”

Consequently, the report added that people are now investing on features that allow them to capture more energy savings in their home.

It also helps that there is industry and government support to encourage energy efficiency at home.

Australia is also seeing a growing integration of energy performance into property listings. This is a good indication of where the market is headed to.

What can you expect to see in the future?

The report highlighted some of the following:

  • smarter and more energy efficient homes
  • governments working on metrics to measure performance
  • guidelines and inspiration from service providers and real estate experts for home owners and communities to follow

If you want to be part of this growing trend and also want to be more proactive to lessen your carbon footprint and save costs, then talk to the right local trade and property professionals.

Always remember to:

  • Source tradies from reputable online networks that screen and vet local tradesmen like Tradebusters or Tradebusters Connect
  • See if they have experience in energy efficiencies constructions and home improvements
  • If you are planning a renovation or new home build, consult with your builder and designer to “think green” with the planning and design!

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