Bathroom Renovation Tips for 2016

Transform Your Bathroom this New Year!

Planning to renovate your bathroom? We list down the hottest bathroom trends and additions this 2016. Check them out and see which ones fit your bathroom renovation plans!

Trough Sink

As odd as it sounds, a trough sink can add elegance to your bathroom. Some people call it double sink that basically features an extra long sink that can serve two people at the same time. Back in the days, double sinks were popular because people wanted to have two separate sinks incorporated into the same vanity.

The newer varieties are even handy for washing larger items like wool blankets and wool sweaters. If you want to add contemporary and stylish approach to your bathroom then go for trough sinks. Ask your plumber on how installation works. It is best to figure out the waterworks before you install it.

Shower Seats

In the past, showers were designed mainly for people taking a bath while standing. This 2016, shower seats are expected to pick up steam. Shower seats are ideal if you want to add something new and innovative to your bathroom. It can come convenient at times you only need a follow-up shower and are too tired to stand up. Wouldn’t it be nice to wash and shampoo while in resting? This can also come handy for seniors in your house.

Show Grab Bars

Grab bars are both functional and stylish. They can add variation to your bathroom. In fact, they are not just handy in the bathroom but in other parts of the house as well.

Easy Access Showers

Everyone wants a smooth walk towards the shower. Emerging shower designs now feature more open spaces without the built-in tripping hazards. Before, showerheads are installed typically over bathtubs. Today, curb-less showers are the “in” thing. Ask your bathroom renovator, builder or interior designer on how you can create an easy transitional bathroom.  

Square Fixtures

Squares are also taking over bathrooms this 2016. From square fixtures to almost square showerheads, this trend has been picking up momentum for the past years.

Square fixtures add a modern and contemporary look to your bathroom.

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