4 Ways To Save On Your Next Home Renovation

Plan and Save With Your Renovation 

Whether you are planning a small renovation of one space, like a kitchen or bathroom, or a full home renovation, the project can be costly and end up in the tens of thousands of dollars.

The are always ways to save during a renovation without compromising on quality.

Here are four simple things to consider when planning your next renovation so that you can save some dollars along the way.

4 Ways To Save On Your Next Home Renovation

1. Hire Trade Professionals Strategically

It goes without saying that a successful renovation requires engaging the right trade professionals. Fortunately, you can still save or remain on budget even when you need to hire a tradie for the job.

Consider if you are better off hiring a builder for the full job, or engaging each tradie separately on your own.

In some cases it may save you money, in other cases, perhaps not!

For example, in a kitchen renovation, you may be able to engage with the cabinet-maker, plumber, electrician or interior designer separately, which could save you thousands compared to going to a large kitchen renovation company.

Some builders offer packages that may include plumbing and electrical services already. This may be preferred especially from a warranty perspective.

2. Do Some of the Job Yourself (D-I-Y)

Even when you hire a tradie, this does not stop you from doing some of the work yourself. The most important thing to be clear on is understanding the type of jobs you are capable of doing on your own, but at the same time, knowing when to call in the professionals. Remember, it can be extremely costly to call in a professional tradie to fix up a poorly done D-I-Y job.

Some jobs you can likely do on your own to save some dollars include:

  • Rubbish removal and disposal
  • Painting small areas of the house
  • Light gardening works, buying and installing plants

Also bear in mind some jobs must only be carried out by licensed professionals like a builder for structural works, all electrical works and most plumbing jobs. 

3. Borrow tools instead of buying them

It can be costly spending the money on tools for a one-time renovation.

There are tools you can definitely borrow from loved ones, neighbours or friends.

Ask your builder, designer, landscape professional or any other tradie on the type of tools that you may need for the small things and how best to access them.

4. Prepare a home renovation project plan

By taking the time to plan your renovation months in advance, you can actually save a lot of money, especially compared to leaving everything last minute.

A good plan should identify all the items you need to purchase so that you can take the time to shop around for them and save.

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