Home Renovations Sydney: 5 Renovations that Add Value

Your Home Renovation Is An Investment

Any renovation should (if not, must) add incremental value to your property!  After all it could be one of the most significant financial commitments you make.

Below are 5 areas where home renovations can help add value.

  1. House Extension or 2nd Story Addition Renovations

Let’s start with the big one! A growing family, elder family members moving in, or just the need for more space are reasons many homeowners consider house extensions for their home.

We talked to some local Sydney builders and this is what they had to say about ground floor extensions and 2nd story additions.

The ground floor is the easiest and most cost effective of home extensions. You can extend a bedroom or any living area like the kitchen. Second story additions are obviously more costly, but could be the best option if you don’t have the room for a ground floor extension or the need for extra bedrooms. Both of these renovations add value to your home whether you intend to stay or sell.

  1. Bathroom Renovations or Additions

When it comes to bathroom renovations, a key objective should be add space and light. Speak to a good builder or bathroom renovator on ways to achieve this.

Ideas for bathroom renovations:

  • New lighting
  • Double sink basin and long vanity
  • New shower stall
  • New tiling of the floors and walls
  • Cabinets for extra storage space 
  1. Kitchen Renovations

The kitchen is a central area in most homes. Renovating this space can really help add incredible value to any property especially if you are planning on selling it. When planning your kitchen renovation adding space, light and extra storage are key things to think about in terms of adding value.

As the kitchen is visual, it is important to consider the quality of the cabinets when planning your kitchen renovation. A poor quality finish can destroy value and leave you disappointed. Selecting a good and experienced cabinet maker in Sydney is therefore a really important part of the process.

  1. Adding a Room 

The addition of extra living space or a room to your home can add value to your property, in some locations by hundreds of thousands of dollars. You may need to speak to a local draftsmen, council or builders to see if any approvals are needed when adding the extra rooms. Various tradesmen like carpenters, builders, electricians and plumbers could be needed as part of this renovation.

  1. Pergola and Outdoor living

Creating vibrant, functional living space in the outdoor area is one of the most popular types of renovations especially with current trends. Decks, pergolas, outdoor kitchens and entertainment areas are some of popular types of renovations in outdoor home design. When thinking of this type of project, you may need the help of outdoor specialists like pergolas in Sydney and professional landscapers.

Find Builders and Other Tradesmen in Sydney for your Renovations

If you want to find a good builder or tradesmen to help with your home renovation in Sydney, why not let our free Tradebusters tradesmen concierge assist you. You can tell us about your renovations needs right here and we will contact you back shortly.

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