Why Aussies Love Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations

Which Part of Your House Should Your Renovate?

We Aussies love renovating! Aside from transforming spaces to have more appeal and function, home renovations also offer many Aussies a profitable way to make some extra money.

According to a report from Lifehacker, some of the regions with the highest value for renovated properties are Mosman in Sydney NSW, followed by Point Nepean, Albert Park and Brighton in Victoria.

This has also pushed the demand for builders and local tradesmen up.

So what are the best spaces in the home to renovate?

Kitchens and bathroom renovations are popular

According to the report, there has been a 35% increase in kitchen renovation requests in the past two years.

Bathroom renovations, on other hand, increased by as much as 30%.

Not surprising, given the kitchen and bathroom often see the most traffic in a household.

Renovating these spaces could help give your property a boost without having to do as much. Consequently, the popularity of these spaces for renovation, has also raised the demand for professionals like interior designers and architects.

Further, around 89% of Australians think that a renovation is great strategy to improve the value of their property. More importantly, around 72% of Australians also said they will be willing to spend as much as $15,000 to improve their homes over the holidays.

Getting your renovation started

If you want to renovate your property for profit or personal use, then engaging the right local tradies is key to success. Always remember to:

  • Source tradies from reputable online networks that screen and vet local tradesmen like Tradebusters or Tradebusters Connect
  • Always ask for a copy of a tradesperson’s insurances and licence
  • For large renovations don’t be afraid to ask a tradesperson if you can see their local projects in your area.

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