Home Asbestos Warning for Renovators

One In Three Australian Homes May Be At Risk

Queensland Industrial Relations Minister Grace Grace just warned homeowners that one in three homes in Australia may have asbestos.

According to this Yahoo news report, the figures are alarming and anyone thinking of renovating their homes should be extremely careful.

Asbestos can be found all around your house or property. From walls, weatherboards, under eaves to under floor tiles and chimney flues, they could be anywhere. Even vinyl flooring and wooden heaters could have it.

“It is a high figure but undisturbed there is no danger,” Ms Grace said.

“One-in-three homes … basically have some form of asbestos in them.”

While the cost of removing asbestos could be high for some, this is nothing compared to the expenses you could incur treating asbestos-related illnesses.

“It’s what you don’t see that is more the issue … no one is really sure until it’s tested,” she said.

Home Renovation Tips

Being aware of any asbestos on your property before you start a renovation is crucial.

If you are not sure, ask your builder or a building inspector to conduct a review and assess if there is any exposure. You can then take measures to have the asbestos removed safely by a specialist.

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