Live Longer Through Home Improvement

household chores are good for your healthWe can’t stop aging, but we can do something about living a longer life. And no, it doesn’t really involve joining a gym or starting Pilates or whatever fitness craze everyone’s into these days. Well, regular visits to the gym, Pilates and all kinds of exercise programs do help you extend your life, but we’re talking about something a little closer to home here. According to an article by Sabina Read for, we can also live longer through home improvement projects as well as everyday household chores.

Household chores are good for your health

Read cites a 12-year study conducted in Sweden that concludes that the risk of heart attacks and strokes have been cut by 27 per cent in participants who physically moved more and stayed active in general, even when those activities were just doing day to day household chores like gardening or repairs. The study confirms what we’ve believed all along: household chores are good for your health.

Sure, the 4,200 participants in the study were mostly 60-year olds, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t apply to younger generations. Why wait for 60 to mow the lawn, wash your car, mop the floor, sweep or rake the leaves, move your furniture around, do gardening and home repairs when you can start now, all for a longer life? When you successfully extend your life with incidental movement, having a clean and well-maintained house all the time will just be a welcome bonus.

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