Kitchen Renovation Guide – Five Tips for Success

How to Transform Your Kitchen Successfully

The kitchen is one of the best and busiest parts of your house. More importantly, nothing beats coming home to a cozy cooking area to fix some delicious meal. Should you decide to bump up your kitchen and remodel it, here are some tips to make sure you’re going in the right direction.

1 . Function and Space

Kitchen renovation is all about efficiency and how you use the space. Many homeowners commit this mistake of sacrificing the function of the space. A common mistake is allotting a broader space between the countertop and the island. This makes cooking and cleaning more challenging. Instead, arrange the range, sink and fridge to create an equilateral triangle. This makes the kitchen work efficiently without sacrificing aesthetics.

2. Practical Design All Over

This is related to the working triangle principle. Make sure the rest of the kitchen components and features also follow a practical design. If you are an avid coffee drinker, it is best to think how your coffee maker is against your condiments. Check your cutleries and see if you have to walk all the way across the kitchen just to get spoon. It may be good to go for a design that makes use of the space without putting a struggle to everyday kitchen activity. Discuss with your carpenter on how to make it work.

3. Lighting

Lighting is crucial to your kitchen. Though most people prefer a recessed lighting, surface-mount fixtures attached to the ceiling on a grid may also do the trick. The bulb in it is just under the height of the ceiling allowing for an even light. Nothing beats a well-lighted kitchen.

4. Stove as a Statement Piece

The kitchen is always about cooking and dining. This makes your stove the “designer piece” of the kitchen. It is one of the most visible and most used parts of the kitchen. If you will invest on something more elaborate than others, it should be your stove. It is also best to get a hood for your range to help with ventilation.

5. Cabinets Make Great Additions

Cabinets are very useful for storage. Aside from that, they also present a good opportunity to stylize your kitchen while adding functionality. You can organise your kitchen essentials better with them rather than just simply going for open shelves. Furthermore, it creates an interesting and airy effect. An experienced cabinet maker in Sydney can help you make this possible.

Find Builders and Other Tradesmen in Sydney for your Renovations

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