3 Ways Local Businesses Can Build A Customer Base

Strategy to build solid client base

Building a solid client base is key to the survival and growth for most business owners, big or small.

To do this, requires having a strategy to find new customers as well as developing strong referral partnerships that can bring you more regular clients.

We list down three ways to grow your client base.

1. Ask for it- Speak to people you know

Those around you can help you build your client base.

Ask those you have maintained a positive relationship with to recommend your services to people they know.

Word of mouth referrals go a long way especially for small businesses. People will likely trust the recommendation of a friend, family, or colleague over what they see on the internet.

2. Partner with other local businesses

Your client network and reach expands when you build partnerships with other businesses.

When you earn the trust of complementary businesses and partners, you can get work for each other.

For instance, if you are builder and you partner with electricians or real estate agents, all your services can complement each other for each other’s clients.

Real estate agents can refer you to buyers or sellers to improve homes while you can recommend the agent to previous clients thinking of selling their homes. It’s a win-win situation for both parties.

3. Harness the internet and social media

Go beyond the traditional ways of marketing.

The internet and social media offer extensive reach to your target market. Build a professional website, join relevant local directories and set up a Facebook page.

Consider starting a newsletter, in which case you can promote this on your website and request people to join your newsletter list.

All of these contribute to the visibility of your business. The more people that see your business online, the more likely they will remember and consider you should the need arise.

Tapping in your local networks and available resources like digital technology can have significant impacts on your client base.

It’s a matter of harnessing these resources to your advantage.

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